Digital Minimalism Project: The Big Dropbox Declutter

Dropbox logo

Dropbox is a wonderful invention, isn’t it? Masses of cloud storage that make collaboration, remote working and generally managing the masses of ‘stuff’ we accumulate in our digital lives that much easier. Yep, that’s supposed to be the case. However, as with all the things that triggered my urge to carry out a digital declutter, […]

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My 2017 Year in Review

London Tower Bridge

Like a lot of people, the end of a year normally means that I take a step away from the world to review and reflect on what went well and what didn’t go so well over the previous year. Usually, I do this in my own private journal. That gives me a chance to be […]

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BOOK REVIEW: The Magic – Rhonda Byrne

Book Review - Rhonda Byrne - The Magic

The absolute best part about The Magic by Rhonda Byrne is that most of the actual actions Rhonda asks you take aren’t that magical at all.  Rather, they’re good old fashioned common sense: Give thanks and be grateful. It sounds obvious, right? Most of us are so blessed to live in greater abundance than we realise, […]

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