People and Things I Love

An assortment of links to friends, people I know, people I admire and look up to, or just stuff that I think is cool and deserves a moment or two of your attention.

Important Causes

Facebook discussion group for those living with HIV and AIDS, and their friends and family. Run by my very beautiful best friend, Stacy. 

My friend Becki runs this awesome Facebook page which shares regular insights, inspiration, information, and discussion starters for those living with depression, anxiety, and other mental health struggles. 

Friends and Family

Upbeat wedding party band. I share a mother and father with the little dude on the drums. 

Scriptwriter, producer, and good friend. Writes some incredibly gripping stuff, and is well worth your time and attention. 

Beautiful, bespoke silver jewellery, handmade by a master craftsman who I’m proud to call a good friend.