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March updates

Let’s face it, this website is long overdue an update. Since I first put most of the copy and links together last year, I’ve worked with lots of new clients and written lots of new content that isn’t currently reflected by my portfolio. 

March 2015 eclipse photo from my backgarden
Photo from the morning of the eclipse in 2015 © Chris Skoyles

I’m actually planning on doing a complete content overhaul sometime later this month, but until then, here’s a few updates on things that happened in March.

First of all, as I already told you last week, OneCo Creative launched. This is my new digital marketing company where I’m taking my experience as a copywriter and web designer and putting it to work in helping small businesses to use the Internet to its full potential.

To celebrate the launch of the new website, OneCo Creative customers can enjoy a brand new website without paying a deposit. I’m currently focussing my effort on local businesses, hence this blog post about digital marketing in Wigan


On the music front, I’m looking at moving away from writing album reviews on my own blog and producing them for other sites. In March, I joined the team at AmpKickerwho’ve been kind enough to give me some awesome new music to listen to.

First off, there’s my review of Arctic Sleep’s new album, Passage of Gaiaan awesome, wholly captivating doom-rock masterpiece that really demands repeated listens.

After that, I had the pleasure to listen to Injection, the new EP from HeartlayIf you like your alternative metal with a touch of the epic, I do recommend you check it out.

Elsewhere, as someone who loves nothing more than good storytelling, it’s probably not too shocking that yes, even at 30 years old, I’m still a fan of professional wrestling. And of course, it’s been Wrestlemania season, so there’s been lots to talk about.

Over at Fightbooth, I’ve most been talking about the WWE Hall of Fame, first with this argument as to why some often overlooked names should be inducted, and then, after what was a pretty emotional night for all involved, a report from the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

If you care, you can also see how dismally I did in predicting the Wrestlemania 31 winners at this link.

On the Camel Clutch blog, I questioned whether Wrestlemania 31 was shaping up to be just another show  (it turned out the answer was no, it was awesome), and then called for pro wrestling fans to remember what’s really important in the wake of Perro Aguayo Jr.’s tragic death.

That’s all I got for ya for now, folks. Time for me to go and start planning that long overdue content overhaul.

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