Music Journalism and Projects

Chris Skoyles - Music Journalist and PromoterThe following portfolio page contains links to my music journalism and projects, along with background information about my work in promoting music. 

For as long as I can remember, music has played a huge part in my life. My first paid writing job was a music journalist for a regional magazine with a quarterly circulation of 30,000 est.

Thanks to this role, I was able to take on a range of exciting projects, from promoting unsigned music nights, organising and running digital music campaigns for a large-scale music festival with an annual attendance of over 7,000.

Though I do play both bass and guitar (and the kazoo!), I much prefer working behind the scenes or as a live event compère.

Music Journalism – articles and reviews

I am currently an occasional contributor to both and DangerDog Music, primarily focusing on rock and metal reviews. Below, you’ll find links to some of my pieces published on those two sites, as well as a number of others I’ve contributed to throughout the years.

Self-published music reviews

After a few years of writing not a single word about music, I suddenly got the itch again in late 2014, and began publishing a few album reviews on this site. You can read these below:

Almost Famous - Music Promotion PosterAlmost Famous Music

Almost Famous Music was a short-lived company I formed in 2012, specialising in live event management, marketing and promotion. Based in the Greater Manchester area, we ran a few successful events around the region, and even flew over to my adopted second home of Minnesota to assist with PR for the annual Dylan Days music festival.

My page on Almost Famous Live Music Promotion and Managementdetails the brief history of the business, with images, videos and links to some of the stuff that still remains from this fun period in my life.

Wigan Music Reviews Archive

Haigh Fest - Wigan Music Reviews ArchiveFrom 2001 – 2011, I enjoyed watching my local music scene grow from a small, underground bar in the back-end of town to a huge outdoor festival on an arena-sized stage. I was fortunate enough to not just watch, listen to, and befriend some amazingly talented musicians in that time, but also to play some tiny little part in documenting their journey.

Told through reviews, previews, interviews and images, you can read that story below:

 Quoted in the press

 Other stuff