My Week: November 3rd -9th

Manchester Fireworks by Chris Skoyles

It’s been a fun yet challenging week, blasting through assignments for my Level 3 counselling course while remembering to get outside and enjoy life once in a while. 

Here’s what’s been going on in my world from Saturday, November 3rd to Friday, November 9th.

1: What I’ve enjoyed the most this week:

Visiting Manchester Museum 

A while ago, I found myself surprised at just how many attractions, landmarks and other places of interest are right on my doorstep, and how many of them I’ve never even glimpsed at. So I set about trying to correct this by making a list of such places and visiting them one by one.

On Saturday, I stopped by the awesome Manchester Museum.

Along with the fantastic T-Rex, there’s all kinds of fascinating exhibitions and even an area where you can get up close and personal with lizards, snakes and other incredible creatures.

If you’re ever in Manchester, it’s one I highly recommend.

2: What I’ve been reflecting on:

My visit to Manchester’s Hidden Gem Church (St. Marys)

Famous for its hidden location, set-back from the hustle and bustle of Manchester City Centre, St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church more than earns its nickname as the city’s Hidden Gem.

So much so that I stumbled across it quite by accident while en route to something else entirely.

Despite not being Catholic, I stopped by for a moment of reflection and couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by a very powerful, very tangible energy.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot this week. Is there really something holy and other-worldly? Or is it that the culmination of thousands of people pouring out their emotions in this place has created a genuine energy?

3: What I’ve been listening to:

More classical music 

Just what I need to get me through these long days of assignment writing.

4: What I’ve been talking about:


Nobody “gives” us motivation, it’s within us the whole time. Here, I talk about a few ways to tap into our inner-motivation and use it to help us quit smoking and stay quit.

5: This week’s picture:

Manchester Christmas Lights Switch-on 2018

Practising my photography skills.

6: What I’m looking forward to:

Getting my college assignments finished!

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