My Week: October 6th – 12th

My Week - a bad one

I won’t lie to you, this hasn’t been the greatest week in history.

On Tuesday I was involved in a small mountain bike accident and went head first into a brick wall at around 10 mph.

Don’t worry, I’m fine, but it did hurt like heck and the headaches are still giving me some grief.

Still, let’s get on with this week’s stuff, shall we?

Here’s what’s been going on in my life from Saturday, October 6th to Friday, October 12th.

1: What I’m grateful for this week:

My bicycle helmet

Whether I’m just heading to the store or riding through the woods, rushing down hills and getting covered in mud, I’ll take any chance I can get to go “playing out” on my mountain bike, but I wouldn’t dream of riding without a helmet.

You can be the safest person on the road, but that doesn’t mean that everyone around you will be just as safe.

I went full force into that brick wall on Tuesday and heard a loud CRACK. If I hadn’t been wearing that helmet, that crack would have been my skull.

Bonus gratitude:
The absolutely wonderful doctor who saw me when I went back to the hospital two days after the accident because I was still suffering quite severe headaches. She wouldn’t let me leave until she’d carried out every kind of test to make sure I was absolutely OK.

2: What I’ve been doing:

Reevaluating my life list

Recovering from the accident meant I had a lot of time on my hands doing nothing, so I took a good look at my Life List. It’s like a bucket list except, you know, less morbid.

I’ve had this list for a couple of years now and I’ve been diligently ticking things off it, but I have to take a look sometimes and consider whether dreams, goals, and fun things that I wanted to do years ago are still relevant and in alignment with who I am as a person now.

Not all them are, so some reevaluation needs to be done.

3: What I’ve been listening to:

The Minimalists Podcast

I’ve had too many headaches this week to be listening to loud rock music, so I’ve been spending some more time diving into podcasts. I normally listen to Joshua & Ryan’s podcast on my way to college on a Monday, but I’ve been binging a few extra episodes this week and gaining a lot of info, insights, and inspiration on how to live a meaningful life with less.

4: What I’ve been talking about:

Why we don’t need willpower as much as we think we do

Willpower is only ever going to motivate us to stay away from something for so long, and during that time all we’re doing is focussing on what we don’t want. Instead, cultivating a big, bright, beautiful desire for what we do want and moving taking actions that are in alignment with making that desire a reality is likely to motivate us far more.

5: This week’s picture:

Waiting for my CT scan after The Great Headbang of 2018

6: What I’m looking forward to:

Celebrating six years of sobriety, launching my new Patreon, starting a book

Good times ahead!

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