My Week: Sept. 8th – 14th

Chris Skoyles - Cycling

It’s been a fun and exciting week with lots going on, so let’s dive into it. 

Here’s what’s been going on in my life from Saturday, September 8th to Friday, September 14th.

1: What I’m proud of

Setting a new personal best in the 10K

I ran the Wigan 10K on Sunday and had a great time. There was something about the atmosphere, the lively crowd and the spirit of the day that inspired me to run harder than ever.

I finished with a chip time of 55 minutes, 37 seconds, beating my personal best by almost three minutes.

I’m very happy with that result. For now, I’ll be slacking off the running for a few weeks before getting ready to start training for a half marathon in the new year.

2: What I learned:

A genuine Egyptian mummy was once given away in a raffle 

Before enrolling at Liverpool College on Monday, I had the opportunity to visit the Egypt exhibition at the Liverpool World Museum.

I’ve always been fascinated with all aspects of Egyptian history, culture and mythology, so visiting here was essential.

If you’re ever in Liverpool, I highly recommend it. The exhibition is fascinating, and The Mummy Room, in particular, has a very powerful aura about it.

It was here where I learned the following eye-opening fact:

The mummy of Padi-amun, an Egyptian priest, was once sold in a raffle. Apparently, the person who won the statue hosted a party where 256 metres of bandaging were ripped and torn from him and his body broken in half.

Doesn’t that just make you sad?

3: What I’m listening to:

Clutch – Book of Bad Decisions 

There once was a time in my life when I would have told you that Clutch were one of my all-time favourite bands. After a while, they sort of drifted out of my life, only catching my attention on the rarest of occasions.

That was until Book of Bad Decisions came out and absolutely flawed me. It’s got everything I like about Clutch in one package – raw rock ‘n’ roll, dirty, bluesy swagger and some of the catchiest tunes known to man.

My current favourite is Emily Dickinson, but honestly, there isn’t a bad song on here.

4: What I’ve been talking about

Getting fat 

In this week’s YouTube video, I talk about weight gain and quitting smoking.

I share my experiences and why I believe that the real reason I gained so much weight when I stopped smoking is that I used food as a substitute for cigarettes to numb some deeper, internal pain.

5: This week’s picture

The view from my handlebars

I’ve been doing a lot of mountain biking this week, making the most of the last of the good weather before winter sets in.

Views like the one above are the main reason why I love spending so much time on my bike.

6: What I’m looking forward to

Seeing the Terracotta Warriors and starting school 

The Liverpool World Museum currently has an exhibit called China’s First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors that I really wanted to see when I visited on Monday. Unfortunately, tickets were sold out for the day, so I bought a ticket for this coming Monday and will go to see that before attending the first class of my Level 3 counselling course.

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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