My Week: September 15th – 21st

It’s been another fun and rewarding week full of challenges and adventures, so let’s get straight to it.

Here’s what’s been going on in my life from Saturday, September 15th to Friday, September 21st.

1: What I’ve enjoyed the most this week:

Exploring the history and mysteries of the Terracotta Warriors

For as long as I can remember, visiting the site of the famous Terracotta Army in Shaanxi, China has been on my Bucket List.

Though it may be some time before I get round to visiting the real thing, I did get the chance earlier this week to visit the next best thing:

A fascinating exhibition at the Liverpool World Museum called China’s First Emperor and the Terracotta Army.

The exhibition opened in April and has proven incredibly popular.

Talking to a friendly guide at the museum, I learned that some 700,000 tickets had been sold, with visitor numbers averaging three to four thousand per day.

By the time I went this past Monday, no less than 542,000 had enjoyed this incredible experience, with many more to follow.

The museum recommends scheduling at least an hour to explore the exhibit, but I was somehow there for double that, taking in every bit of information I could, listening eagerly to the helpful guide who guarded the five, genuine warrior statues, and taking pictures.

If I didn’t have to get myself to college that day, I could have spent even longer there.

The exhibition only runs until late October so, if you’re local, it’s well worth booking a ticket now.

2: What else is new?

Starting college 

On Monday evening, I officially began my Level 3 Counselling Skills training at Liverpool College.

I’d been looking forward to this for months and, I have to admit, that after building up in my head for so long, there was a bit an emotional comedown in the days after.

This is the third time this year I’ve dealt with one of these comedowns, but each one is teaching me more and more about how to deal with them effectively.

Obviously, it would be ideal if I could get myself to a place where they don’t happen at all, but I’m comfortable with these comedowns for now and accept them as a necessary part of my growth.

3: What I’m listening to:

Stone Rebel – Soul Shelter 

I once dated a girl who found it hilarious that the “stoner rock” genre is one of my favourite types of music despite the fact that I’m clean and sober.

Still, with albums like Soul Shelter, I can’t help but ask the question:

Who needs drugs when you have you music like this?

Despite containing only four tracks, the album is two hours long and is brimming with the most chilled out, other-worldly vibes you’ll ever find committed to record.

I’ve been listening to this beautiful piece of art all week long and find that no matter what mood I’m in, it makes me feel calm, relaxed and positive.

4: What I’m talking about

The fact that it’s OK to be where you are on your journey 

Every now and again, someone will comment on one of my YouTube videos to say that they’re having a hard time quitting smoking. Someone else will then comment to say that if they’re X amount of weeks into their journey then they shouldn’t be feeling that way, implying -sometimes outright stating- that if you’re struggling on your journey then you’re somehow doing it wrong.

I’ve also seen other YouTubers suggest that if you don’t find a particular thing easy then it’s because you’re doing it wrong.

I beg to differ.

We’re shaped by our experiences. We grow up in different environments learning different skills and different ways of doing things.

What’s easy for one person may not be easy for another, and if that’s the case, then that’s just fine.

Whether it’s quitting smoking or building a career, losing weight or finding love, we’re all allowed to be where we are on our own individual journey and we’re all allowed to feel exactly how we feel.

5: This week’s picture:

Pennington Flash on wet Saturday morning 

Taken just after completing another 5K Parkrun.

6: What I’m looking forward to:

Getting back into my exercise routine 

Due to the aforementioned emotional comedown after starting college and some general fatigue, I’ve skipped out on exercising for most of this week.

I ran on Saturday, cycled six miles on Monday, and that’s basically it.

I’m very much looking to getting back to normal, clocking up some miles and hitting the gym again.

Thanks for reading, here’s to another great week!

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