My Week: September 29th – October 5th

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There’s a popular saying where I come from:

‘Keep going wit yed down.’

Translated from Lancashire slang into, you know, actual English, keep going wit yed down (keep going with your head down) is good advice for most situations.

It means that even if you’re surrounded by chaos, being dragged into drama or facing an uphill battle, you stay true to your purpose, focus on that (with your head down to ignore everything that’s going on around you) and keep marching on with the task at hand.

I mention this because if this week has required anything of me, it’s that I keep going wit yed down.
It’s been an uphill battle through a maelstrom of chaos and other people’s problems, but as best I can, I’ve remained focused on my purpose and reminded myself to express gratitude for the good things in my life.

Which brings me to this week.

There’s been a lot to be grateful for and a lot that I want to tell you about.

Here’s what’s been going on in my life from Saturday, September 29th to Friday, October 5th.

1: What I’m most proud of:

Celebrating two years since I quit smoking

Yes, we finally got here. It’s been an amazing journey and I’ve been so privileged to share it with so many people via my YouTube channel.

I’ve been even more privileged to all those people who’ve allowed me to share a part of their journey with them.

Here’s to many more years of smoke-free living ahead.

2: Where I’ve been:

Museum of Liverpool

I’m still working my way around all the fascinating places there is to explore in Liverpool.

Last week, I visited the John & Yoko exhibition at The Museum of Liverpool. This week, I went back and explored a lot of the other exhibitions they have there.

I was sad to read about how so much of the city’s early prosperity was gained on the back of the slave trade. I was also particularly saddened about how so many Chinese men were separated from their families after the war and deported back to China.

It made me uncomfortable to be confronted by this darker side of the city’s past, and it reminded me of the discomfort I feel when I look back to the darker side of my own past and how grateful I am that things aren’t like that any more

3: What I’m listening to:

This psychedelic rock playlist on YouTube.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to this.

The opening guitar doodle gives me chills every single time and the whole thing succeeds time and time again in transporting me to a whole other world.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Who needs drugs when you have music like this?

4: What I’ve been talking about:

Back-to-basic tips for quitting smoking

This month, a lot of people will be taking part in Stoptober, a campaign to help people quit smoking.

I figured this was a good excuse to go back and share some basic tips for those at the start of their stop-smoking journey.

5: This week’s picture:

The dock of the bay

Just another shot I enjoyed taking on a recent bike ride.

6: What I’m looking forward to:

Launching a new Facebook group

I thought it might be fun for people who watch my YouTube videos to have a place they can come together to support one another with their quit smoking journeys.

Watch this space.

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