My Week(s): October 13th – 26th

Time has been moving so fast lately and there’s been so much going on that the last two weeks really do feel as though they merged into one. 

Still, not to worry, we made it here at last – to my regular list of all the weird and wonderful things that make my life, well, weird and wonderful.

Here’s what’s been going on in my world from Saturday, October 13th to Friday, October 26th.

1: What I’m most proud of:

Celebrating six years of sobriety. 

See what I mean about time moving so fast? It only feels like yesterday that I put the drink down and determined that I was going to do something better with my life.


2: What I’m excited about:

Running the Manchester marathon 

It’s been a long, long time since I ran the London marathon.

In that time, I’ve had knee surgery, sobered up and quit smoking, so I’m confident of a good performance, contingent on me keeping up with training, of course.

3: What I’m listening to:

Paint The Sky Red – Not All Who Wander Are Lost 

Sometimes we stumble upon things completely by accident and they turn out to be among the most beautiful things we have in our lives. This gorgeous album is one of them.

4: What I’m talking about:

How to come down after a bad day without smoking or drinking 

I answered this and other questions in my latest YouTube video:

5: This week’s picture:

Sometimes you just have to hit the breaks and admire the path you’re on. 

From my Instagram.

6: What I’m looking forward to:

Finishing college assignments, attending the Manchester Christmas Lights event

Lots to be done, but I’m certainly making the most of it.

Until next week.

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