Chris Skoyles - NovelsAs much as I love working as a freelance copywriter, I’d be lying if I said that this was the end goal. There’s a much bigger goal that I’ve spent most of my life slowly –very slowly– working towards.

That goal is to publish a novel.

So far, I’ve made two attempts at achieving this goal. Neither have paid off yet, but I can’t deny that I’m as proud of the two novels I wrote as I am of anything else I’ve ever done.  Why? Because the two stories I wrote were stories I had to tell, regardless as to whether or not another human being ever reads them.

Besides, I realise that -though I’m far from perfect- I’ve learned a lot about the process of novel writing over the years,  something which I’m confident can only prove to be useful as I sit down to work on novel number three.

Below, you’ll find a brief synopsis of both completed stories, along with links to a few sample chapters.

I do hope you enjoy.




A science-fiction adventure story with an element of horror,  Asylonia is the story of vigilante hero, David Attreus.

Rejected by the United Earth Force, David sets off to wage his own war against both gruesome adversaries and personal demons alike. His self-imposed mission: Rescue the one man capable of preventing Earth from being destroyed by the same hostile race which destroyed David’s family.

En route, David reluctantly joins forces with a Samoan pro wrestler, falls in love with a beautiful young doctor riddled with guilt over her cure for HIV,  and discovers the hell that awaits those who journey to the decaying, man-made planet which gives the story its name.



It’s the year after the Great Economic Disaster of 2008, and in a nothing little town in North West England, 25 year-old Jack Conner and his friends are well and truly stuck:

Stuck beneath the murky cloud of monotony which hangs over them, stuck doing the same old things in the same old town, stuck with the horrible idea that some things will never change.

Until they do, in the most catastrophic and insane manner possible.

Dumped by girlfriends, watching said girlfriends get off with cross-dressing rock stars, raging infernos destroying the town, bizare conspiracy theories, it’s the first time in a long time that anything ever happened in Ellington, and it’s all happening to them.

Finally, Jack, Rob, Jonesy, and Mickey have the opportunity to seize the change they always wanted, though not without first admitting a few cold, hard truths about all the opportunities they’ve previously wasted.

A tale of sex, pubs, and rock and roll, Wasted is a contemporary humour first written back in 2009.