Spoken Word and Poetry

A collection of my favourite spoken word and poetry pieces, projects and performances, along with links, notes, ramblings and the rest. 

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Don’t have time to check out the audio, video and writing on this page? Here’s a few quick links to my spoken word and poetry pieces:

Spoken word and poetry pieces

Some of my most recent recordings and favourite pieces. Most of these were either recorded on an iPhone or direct through my laptop, so I make no apologies for the sound quality!

Inventors of the Death Smiles – Part 1: The Waltz

This is my most recent piece (as of October 19th 2015). It kind of came from nowhere late one night, but I’ve since been working on expanding the themes into several other pieces. I’ll post these as a playlist once finished.


To date, Elizabeth is by far my favorite piece of spoken word poetry I’ve created. It’s based on a real experience I had one Friday back in 2013 when I saw a girl on the bus who looked just like somebody I’d seen on the news earlier that day.


Another recent recording, this one about the freedom and general sense of well being I’ve experienced since I started living a life more in tune with my own values and beliefs rather than those of others.

Afraid of the Dark

This may not be as uplifting as Everything, but it’s essentially about the same thing: Freedom. If you like this one, you might want to read this blog where I explain more about the thought process behind Afraid of the Dark.


Another one of my favourite spoken word poetry recordings, I think Human is one of the better pieces I’ve created about my previous battles with alcohol and living a sober life. Again, there’s more background and my reasons for writing Human on my blog.

Jumping off Bridges

So far, I’ve mainly listed my own favourite pieces, but I’d remiss if I didn’t mention Jumping Off Bridges, which has been one of my more popular spoken word recordings based on the feedback it’s received and the number of listens.

The Confession Procession

Last but not least (for now anyway), is The Confession Procession. This was the first poem I recorded as a spoken word piece and the first poem I ever performed in public.

Other links and good stuff

  • Take My Hand
    A short piece i wrote in 2011 that was published on the Speech Therapy online poetry blog
  • Too Much? 
    Manchester’s Ugly Tree poetry ‘zine (sadly no longer running) was the first to publish one of my poems back in 2002. Sadly, I couldn’t find that issue online, but I did find this one from five years’ later. If you do want to read my first published poem, About A Boy is here on my Tumblr page.