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Spoken word: Human

Here’s a new spoken word piece I recorded last night which, despite all evidence to the contrary, has nothing to do with the devil. 

Spoken Word - Human

Rather, it’s another look at addiction versus human nature, at chemically induced behavior versus the single universal fact that all human beings are, in one form or another, completely fucked up.

I find lately that very few people I know give themselves permission to be human. They struggle to come to terms with the fact that they have flaws of character, that they get angry sometimes, that they feel fear. Basically, they struggle to accept that they’re human beings.

Human beings are riddled with flaws in the same way that an unkempt mutt is riddled with fleas. They’re everywhere within us, yet that does not make us bad, nor evil, nor worthless. The sum of all these flaws ultimately makes us normal.

A few years ago I was on the tail-end of an epic drink problem. When I came to sober up, I niavely believed that alcohol was the cause of every twist or defect of character I had. 996 days dry later, it occurs to me now that I’m still the same person. Hence the following poem.

She is the anti-christ
With eyes of ice
She is the demon I’ve been dreaming of
Made manifest in flesh
She claws her nails across my chest
Whispering sweet nothings
She finds me, drives inside me
To consume me and abuse me
I become the anti-christ
With eyes of ice and heart of flames
I am the demon I’ve been dreaming of
Yet that has never changed
I’ve always been impure and full of flaws
Made manifest in raw
Scratched and slightly scorched
I have always carried a torch
For the wicked and insane
I have always felt at home
Among the damaged and derranged,
So even when she’s in me
And gnawing on my veins
I know that she is not to blame
For the way that I behave.
She is the anti-christ
With eyes of ice
But I am human
The sum of all my flaws
Made manifest in flesh
Just like everybody else.

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