Book Review: Unlimited Power – Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbins - Unlimited Power Book Review

Unlimited Power is the best-selling guide to successful living from life coach, speaker, and all-round superstar Anthony Robbins.  In a style that is at once engaging and insightful, Robbins teaches us how to overcome fears and anxieties, unlock our true potential, and live our best life using simple-yet-effective Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques,  along with breathing techniques, dietary recommendations, […]

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The day she told me she had AIDS

World Aids Day - December 1st

I’ll never forget the day she told me she had AIDS. We’d only just met, and were still in that butterflies-in-the-tummy phase, the one where every possible moment is spent clinging desperately to one another as twin tsunamis of passion and obsession tear through your entire world. **This is a repost of something I originally posted back in 2014.**   […]

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Running with Rage

Running Man With earphones

The pavement vanished under foot, trees and fields blew past me in a hazy blur, passers-by, fellow joggers, dog walkers, curious onlookers were left to eat my dust. [Note: This is an archived post taken from One Small Step, a running blog I wrote during my training for the 2012 Virgin London Marathon.] I was running. […]

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