My Week: November 24th – 30th

Level 3 counselling assignments continue to take up the bulk of my time, but here’s what else has been going on in my world from Saturday, November 24th to Friday, November 9th. 1: What I’m working on: Identifying my conditions of worth  Yes, this is counselling homework, identifying those messages I may have taken on […]

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My Week(s): October 13th – 26th

Time has been moving so fast lately and there’s been so much going on that the last two weeks really do feel as though they merged into one.  Still, not to worry, we made it here at last – to my regular list of all the weird and wonderful things that make my life, well, […]

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See it. Feel it. Do it. How I ran a thousand marathons before I even hit the starting line

See It. Feel it. Do It. Visualising success

One of favourite movies of all time is The Commitments. A gritty, endearing, and often hilarious tale about a rag-tag group of soul musicians striving for success in working-class Dublin. [NOTE: This is an archived post from an older blog, originally published on October 24th, 2012] Undoubtedly my favourite scenes throughout the whole film involve the band’s ambitious young manager role-playing […]

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On My Knees: Knee Injury When Marathon Training

Knee Injury when marathon training

It probably goes without saying that if you’re planning to run a marathon, it helps to have legs that are at least in some kind of working order. [Note: This is an archived post from One Small Step, a running blog I kept during my training for the 2012 Virgin London Marathon] Unfortunately, mine never have […]

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Running with Rage

Running Man With earphones

The pavement vanished under foot, trees and fields blew past me in a hazy blur, passers-by, fellow joggers, dog walkers, curious onlookers were left to eat my dust. [Note: This is an archived post taken from One Small Step, a running blog I wrote during my training for the 2012 Virgin London Marathon.] I was running. […]

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Hitting the one hour mark – A weight off my mind


Isn’t it wonderful how the brain can sometimes remove itself from the body? [Note: This is an archived post taken from One Small Step, a blog I wrote during my training for the 2012 London Marathon] I don’t necessarily mean in any kind of New Age spiritual way, more the way that your mind can completely wander […]

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