The New War: Escape from Asylonia – Synopsis

General Noah Fallon was once a hero among men. In the dying days of The Final War, it was Fallon who saved Earth from the clutches of The Temüjin Empire, a race of amphibian-like creatures hell bent on claiming the planet as their own.

Yet now the Temüjin are back, and with Fallon stranded on the decaying, man-made planet of Asylonia, there’s nobody to stop them from taking over Earth.
Except David Attreus.

David is a young United Earth Force (UEF) engineer struggling to deal with the destruction of something much more precious than Planet Earth; his family.

His father, a revered UEF pilot, has been killed in battle, his mother has suffered a mental breakdown, and David’s chances of seeking revenge as a UEF soldier have gone up in smoke.

Believing Noah Fallon to be the only man capable of ending this New War, and thus making everything right again, David sets off on a vigilante mission to bring the General home.

On arrival, he is shot down by three fire-breathing Temüjin ships and crashes into the depths of the Asylonian ocean. Unable to swim, he is rescued by Rochelle Asa, a doctor whose cure for HIV has left her burdened with guilt.

As a romance begins to blossom between them, Rochelle nurses David back to health before joining him in the search for General Fallon. Little do they know that Fallon, a recovering alcoholic, has lost his grip on sobriety and is now a shell of his former self.

First searching the desert, where the sinister Captain Cringor plots to have them killed by the Temüjin, David and Rochelle and narrowly escape with their lives.

Meanwhile, a permanently drunk Noah is having problems of his own. Attacked outside a bar by a gang of thugs working for the Temüjin, the once great hero is rescued by Sol, a giant Samoan forced to earn a living as a professional wrestler after accidentally becoming stranded on Asylonia.

The thugs return later that day, this time brandishing guns in an attempt to kill Noah and Sol. Running for their lives, the two eventually meet up with David and Rochelle and head to an abandoned factory for a showdown with their would-be assassins. Together, David and Sol defeat the thugs following a violent, chaotic brawl. Not that there’s any time for celebration.

Battered and bruised, David struggles to accept that Noah, the man he believed in, is now a desperate drunk. For Noah himself, news of the Temüjin’s return, coupled with the first pangs of alcohol withdrawal, is enough to crush what’s left of his spirit.

Counting on each other for survival, the four steal a vehicle and lead the Asylonian police on a wild chase through the skies. Their destination is an abandoned hospital, where Rochelle hopes to fix up David and Sol’s wounds whilst at the same time pulling Noah back from the depths of delirium tremens.

Facing fresh peril at every turn, their adventure becomes a fight with much more than the horrors of Asylonia. With the Herculean Sol providing much needed strength, David silences his inner demons and deals with the loss of his loved ones by falling in love with Rochelle and stepping up to fill his father’s shoes as leader. Meanwhile, the physical and emotional toll of wrestling a severely hallucinating Noah from the grip of his own demons allows Rochelle to absolve herself of the guilt and remorse that plagues her heart.

In one last final confrontation with the Temüjin at the hospital, Noah finally kills the creature who haunts his nightmares. In doing so, he finds the strength and spirit to sober up and assist his rescuers in one last thrilling escape from Asylonia, pursued by the entire cast of enemies they’ve faced throughout their journey.

After one final battle, David and his hero blast their way through a violent electrical storm and set a course for Earth, praying that there’s still enough time to save the planet.