Hello, my name is...

Chris Skoyles

I'm a therapist and writer.

Chris Skoyles


I’m a professional writer and qualified therapist with a background in digital marketing.

It’s my life’s mission to change the world for the better by providing quality services and resources which help people to overcome whatever’s holding them back in life and realize their full potential.

This website serves as home to all of my various passions, projects, and interests. If you’d like to talk to me about anything you see on this site, you can contact me here.

What I Do:

My Work and Projects

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My Therapy Work

I’m a qualified counsellor, hypnotherapist, and NLP Practitioner, as well as a NCSCT-certified Smoking Cessation Practitioner. 

My biggest passion in life is working with others to help them overcome self-sabotaging behaviours, get their lives on track, and develop the kind of positive, healthy mindset that leads to a life lived to its full potential. 

My Writing

Passionate about wrirting since I was old enough to hold a pen, I’ve been a professional writer for close to 20 years. Originally training as a journalist, I began my career writing about music, sports, and entertainment.

Today,  I enjoy covering a diverse range of subjects including WordPress, digital marketing, mental health, and wellness. 

My Books

To date, I’ve written one non-fiction book, one novel and two collections of poetry. 

I’m currently working on two more non-fiction books which I’m aiming to publish by the end of 2022.

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