Book Review: Unlimited Power – Anthony Robbins

Tony Robbins - Unlimited Power
Antony Robbins – Unlimited Power

Unlimited Power is the best-selling guide to successful living from life coach, speaker, and all-round superstar Anthony Robbins. 

In a style that is at once engaging and insightful, Robbins teaches us how to overcome fears and anxieties, unlock our true potential, and live our best life using simple-yet-effective Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques,  along with breathing techniques, dietary recommendations, and plain ol’ good advice.

It’s funny, that despite having some vague idea about Tony Robbins’  existence for some time, and despite having an interest in NLP for the better part of a decade, I had never really given the man much of my attention until his fascinating documentary I Am Not Your Guru came out on Netflix.

I was fascinated by that documentary.

More specifically, I was fascinated by the way Tony came across, confident, assured, and with a remarkable ability to know exactly how to help the participants at his seminar find the answers they needed within themselves.

Since then, it’s fair to say the man has been on my radar a lot more, meaning picking up a copy of this book was a no-brainer.

When I did so, I sat down to read it with no expectations beyond that of gaining some invaluable suggestions on how to take the never-ending work-in-progress that is my life to the next level.

So I was quite pleasantly surprised to find that it was based so heavily on the principles, strategies, and techniques of NLP.

Clear, Precise Instructions

As I’ve said, I’ve been familiar with Neuro-Linguistic Programming for some time, first getting an introduction thanks to Paul McKenna’s Change Your Life in 7 Days and then going on to study it further for myself.

On the whole, I find that the way Tony Robbins presents powerful NLP techniques for accessing instant confidence and charisma, banishing fears and phobias and relinquishing harmful habits to be even better than McKenna’s, and indeed, better than many other NLP practitioners whose work I’ve read.

Whereas others have a tendency to provide you with a basic overview of what to do but skimp out on some important bits,  Robbins offers detailed, precise instructions that not only provide a clear, easy-to-read guide on how to practice and perfect these techniques, but why they are used and how they are effective.


When he’s not teaching NLP techniques, Robbins focusses heavily on the concepts of modelling (the idea of finding someone who is already successful in an area you want to be successful in, looking at exactly how they did it and emulating them) and mirroring (emulating behaviours, speech, even posture, which can be used not only to as a modelling device for emulating success, but also to help you be congruent with someone, communicate with them, and help them.

During my recent counselling training, we’d touched a little on mirroring, though I found Tony Robbins instructions on how to do this effectively (again, precise, detailed, yet very easy to follow) to be both helpful and enlightening.

It had never really occurred to me before just how helpful mirroring could be to help see the world from another person’s frame of reference and work with them to overcome obstacles that are getting in the way of success. This is something that I’ve recently been paying a lot more attention to and intend to study further.

Meanwhile, Mr Robbins’ approach to modelling goes above and beyond the usual ‘find someone you admire and read their autobiography,’ into clear, practical advice on how to effectively model the behaviours and beliefs of successful people.

Breathe Well, Eat Well, Live Well

Occasionally, Anthony Robbins moves away from harnessing the power of the mind to more physical ways to improve the way we live – such as practising basic breathing techniques and switching a diet that is predominantly based on fruits and vegetables with a high water content.

Having switched to a vegetarian diet last year (I’m about 90% vegan with the occasional lapse into dairy) I can attest to feeling much better since I switched to a diet made up of fruits and veggies, and -if you’ll pardon the pun- Robbins does offer a lot of food for thought about how to turn eat in a way that creates optimum efficiency from our bodies.

The breathing techniques I’ve found to be useful too, though I do admit that these seem to contradict other techniques I’ve learned in the past, and I haven’t yet been able to find any solid evidence to suggest that the techniques in this book are any more beneficial than other breathing techniques you may already be using.

Unlimited Power – A Worthwhile Investment

On the whole, I can honestly recommend this book for anyone with an interest in unlocking their potential, overcoming fears, phobias, depressive states or anxiety, for anyone looking to fine-tune their existing strategies for successful living, and especially for anyone looking for a detailed yet easy-to-follow introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

If you’re interested in picking up a copy, you can buy Anthony Robbins – Unlimited Power from Amazon.

If you do, so please note that the link above, as well as the link to the Paul McKenna book, are Amazon Affiliate links, meaning I’ll earn a small (and I mean tiny) commision if you buy the books through these links.

Other than that, thanks for reading, and good luck with unleashing your own unlimited power!

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