My Books

Quit Smoking and Be Happy

Packed full of practical tips and insights on how to navigate the physical, mental, and emotional impact of quitting smoking, Quit Smoking and Be Happy is your comprehensive guide to living a happy, healthy life without cigarettes. 

Escape From Asylonia

My first novel, Escape from Asylonia is a sci-fi horror story in which a misfit group of loners come together to battle both personal demons and gruesome aliens in an attempt to flee the artificial planet of Asylonia and make it home in time to save Planet Earth.

Ghosts in The Cosmos

Ghosts in the Cosmos is my first collection of poetry. Written over a 20-year period, the poems featured here were inspired by dreams and nightmares, by close friends and curious strangers, and by those people, places, and fleeting moments which permanently tattoo themselves upon our lives.

A Dipsomaniac's Guide to Self-Destruction

A collection of poems recalling the manic highs and morbid lows of a fictional weekend of excessive drinking. 

From the first beer after a tough day at work to tearing up the dancefloor on a Saturday night followed by the inevitable emotional and physical hangover, A Dipsomaniac’s Guide to Self-Destruction features a collection of drunken lullabies which may or may not be inspired by true stories.