Quit Smoking and Be Happy includes several exercises based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). In the book, I’ve promised that you can download guided walk-throughs of each exercise.

Here they are.

You can click the play button to stream each walk-through directly from this page, or you can right-click and save the MP3 directly to your device.

1: The Feel Amazing Anchor

A technique you can use to generate positive feelings and get through any situation without relying on a cigarette.

2: This is Who I Really Am

A technique to help you tap into your own inner-motivation and get excited about moving towards your ideal, non-smoking self.

3: Reprogramming Associations

A technique to destroy any positive associations you have with cigarettes and replace them with associations that will make you retch at the thought of smoking!

4: The Purge

A technique for reframing the experience of an intense nicotine craving.

5: The Runaway Train

A technique for slowing down racing thoughts and getting obsessive thinking under control.

6: Five Senses Grounding

A technique for coping with feelings of anxiety and overwhelm

Making Peace

A technique to help stay on course after losing a loved one.