Designing Your New Normal

The longer we smoke, the more cigarettes become a normal part of our routine.

We smoke the same way in the same places at the same time for so long that when we no longer even need to think about it.

If we always smoke when we first wake up in the morning, we’ll instinctively reach for our cigarettes the moment we get out of bed.

If we always light up when we’re waiting for the bus, simply approaching the bus stop will trigger the urge to smoke.

So, when we decide to quit smoking, half the battle is simply dealing with those situations when we used automatically smoke.

Designing Your New Normal – A Quit Smoking Exercise

Designing Your New Normal is an exercise that will help you create new habits, routines and ways of being which replace the ones you had when you smoked.

If it was always normal for you to smoke first thing upon waking, then chances are when you first quit smoking, you wake up and have a physical or psychological urge to smoke because that’s what is normal for you.

Using this exercise allows you to be more mindful about the way you spend your morning, and to develop a new normal so that you no longer find yourself bouncing off the walls the minute you wake up!

Download the Worksheet

You can download the worksheet below and either fill it indirectly or use it to guide you as you write out your answers in your journal.